Monday, 20 February 2012

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose

I have always wanted one of these bricks but could never justify £30.50 on what I then thought was only a blusher. I was then bought one in Bronze and realised how versatile they are. So as soon as I had saved my pennies I went straight out and bought Rose. Today was my first day wearing it and I used it as blusher, eyeshadow and a highlighter. Everyone at work was asking to use it which I didn't mind as I saw it as a compliment to my good taste in make up (haha). It really brightened me up and look liked I'd made an effort when I hadn't. I enjoy using these bricks and think they are worth every penny. I'm now saving to get Nectar ( orangey tones ), so hopefully not long till there will be a post up about it.
Also pictured below is Bronze which came with a travel size Bobbi Brown brush, this was purchased for me at the airport.
To buy the Shimmer Brick just click

Saturday, 18 February 2012

NARS velvet matte lipstick pencil

Lipstick pencils have never appealed to me, but when my friend pulled one out of her makeup bag I asked to give it a whirl. I am now set on purchasing the whole range from NARS. The title says it all, they feel like velvet and they're matte. I've found them really long lasting and are great to use as a base under a normal lipstick. The other great thing is that they are very hygienic as all you need to do is sharpen them.
If the matte look isn't for you NARS also have velvet gloss lipstick pencils to offer. The lipstick pencil pictured below is Bolero and retails at £17.50. I have added the link for the matte pencil and the gloss pencil.

Mac pigment in grape

I have always loved MAC's pigments and have quite a good selection in my kit. I then realised I don't have a purple pigment ( how can this be?). After swatching all the purple shades and getting my self in quite a mess I decided on the colour Grape , which is a dark purple shade. The MAC pigments are not just for eyes, I have used them mixed with a clear gloss for lips and as blusher. You can also mix the shades e with a white pigment to make a lighter colour or with black pigment to make a darker colour. The MAC website has a wide range of  pigment colours I have added the link below.
 For the whole range of colours visit any of the MAC Pro shops.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

About face by Scott Barnes

I have just purchased this book, and have to say this has helped me so much with contouring. I find contouring hard and seem to always achieve a "just put mud on my face" look, which is not what I am aiming for! Scott Barnes has a full break down on contouring and shows his technique on achieving that perfect structured look. And instead of just demonstrating on one skin colouring he has covered them all. There are an amazing 16 transformations (the one pictured below is my favourite). Scott has also included lots of other make up tips that I've not come across yet. There is an easy home facial recipe that I've tried which left me feeling relaxed and my skin hydrated. I think this is a must have!! Amazon have the best price at £9.99! To purchase this book just click on this link

Illamasqua Iconic-I competition

Illamasqua have a competition running until February 23rd. There will be 3 winners that will be selected to choose £100 of Illamasqua products of their choice. This is my look inspired by the Sophie-I technique. Good luck to everyone that enters.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Illamasqua cream foundations

I first used this foundation only 2 weeks ago and have fallen in love with it! The foundation is really easy to blend I use cf210 which matches my skin tone and then use a much darker shade cf240 as bronzer/contour. I wear this foundation for work and I never have to reapply. The smallest amount goes very far. I use a foundation brush to apply, although it does come with a sponge. I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin types as it contains powder and looked slightly flakey on some areas on the face. This foundation retails at £21.50. I got a bargain on Sunday after reading a tweet from David Horne " 8 cream foundations for £45". I was able to pay for these over the phone and picked them up the next day! Illamasqua never fails to please me. To check out the full range of foundation shades and to treat your shelf just click

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Here are some pictures from Sunday @ IMATS. To find out about all about IMATS just click

IMATS - Kevin James Bennett

This is my very first blog, and what a fab thing to write about.
This was my first time at IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) and I thought it was amazing. I have only been studying make up artistry since September so there is a lot for me to learn, and I learnt so much. Sadly I got so carried away with shopping I only ended up seeing Kevin James Bennett " tools and techniques". He really interacted with everyone and was great fun to watch. He came up with some really good tips on applying all areas of make up.
Tip 1- use a powder blusher and go over with your foundation brush to create a creamy look.
Tip 2- never ask a make up artist what's the best brush for specific products everyone is different what may good for them might not be good for you.
Tip 3- the magic comes from your hand not from a brush.
Tip 4- if you struggle with eyebrows It doesn't make you less of an artist if you have to use templates
Tip 5- use waxy artist paper as a palette instead of a normal plastic palette as you can just rip each page off after use and throw in the bin instead of keep washing your palette in between clients.