Tuesday, 6 March 2012

All that glitters

I'm so glad I worked at Professional Beauty on Sunday for Opal London because I've come across a gem of a company, Glitter body art Ltd. I have been hunting on the internet for airbrushing stencils and I've had no luck. So when I saw people walking around the excel centre with glitter tattoos I had to take a quick brake to find this stall. Not only was I over joyed to find many types of stencils I was even happier to see their prices! I bought 17 stencils, 5 pots of glitter and some glue for £11. The glitter is cosmetic grade so it can be used on the face. I ordered some more stencils online and received them within a day. They also stock swarovski gems. I have pictured below my attempt at a glitter tattoo, I found it really fun and easy to apply and didn't take me long. The tattoo lasted all day at work and still didn't come off in the bath. To remove, I used a facial wipe and it came off easily. Their website is http://www.glitterbodyart.co.uk/.