Thursday, 9 February 2012

IMATS - Kevin James Bennett

This is my very first blog, and what a fab thing to write about.
This was my first time at IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) and I thought it was amazing. I have only been studying make up artistry since September so there is a lot for me to learn, and I learnt so much. Sadly I got so carried away with shopping I only ended up seeing Kevin James Bennett " tools and techniques". He really interacted with everyone and was great fun to watch. He came up with some really good tips on applying all areas of make up.
Tip 1- use a powder blusher and go over with your foundation brush to create a creamy look.
Tip 2- never ask a make up artist what's the best brush for specific products everyone is different what may good for them might not be good for you.
Tip 3- the magic comes from your hand not from a brush.
Tip 4- if you struggle with eyebrows It doesn't make you less of an artist if you have to use templates
Tip 5- use waxy artist paper as a palette instead of a normal plastic palette as you can just rip each page off after use and throw in the bin instead of keep washing your palette in between clients.

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